Snapchat’s Surprising Livestream Of MECCA Is A Rare Glimpse Of The Holy City

Mecca, A Holy City of Islam is cordoned-off city for the world’s non-Muslims and many Muslims too. It’s a place where you see in carefully put together pictures but you can just hope to experience from afar. Then came Snapchat. After more than 300,000 tweets lobbying the video and instant messaging app to include Mecca in its list of cities from which you can livestream, Snapchat decided to do it with Islam’s Holy City, Mecca. And you won’t believe what the results were.

Snapchat decided to allow its users to record a 300 seconds video story from Mecca on Tuesday 14th July 2015. Every year more than 100 million Muslims visit the Holy city of Mecca to perform Umrah or Hajj. This time it became special as Snapchat Livestream allowed its users to record a video while doing a Tawaaf and also take a selfie with Kaaba.

According to Al Jazeera, digital analytics site Topsy recorded more than one million mentions on Twitter alone using the Hashtag of this event. The hashtag used was #mecca_live. It was first time when so many muslims together in a huge number posted and recorded a video inside the Holy Mosque and also took a selfie with Kaaba. Saudi Arabia Authorities has issued instructions earlier regarding Forbidding the taking of Photographs or Videos at the Holy Mosque at Mecca or at Prophet Mohammed’s Mosque in Medina.
This event shows how technology is taking us places we might never have otherwise got a chance to visit.

Have a look at this amazing video from different users of Snapchat, Right from the Holy City of Mecca

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