14 Gifting Options For House Warming

14 Gifting Options For House Warming


Thinking of what to gift relatives or friends on their house warming can be a task. Some of the most common questions that arise are what is apt? Will it look good? Will it be useful? You think so much before deciding on what to gift.

Well here are a few things that you can easily gift anyone on their house warming, and be rest assured that people will like it and use it as well.

  1. Beautiful Firoza Stone Gautama Buddha

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Looking at Gautam Buddha will immediately calm you down. This piece is so decorative as well that it makes for a very good gift.

  1. Lalbaugh Cha Raja decorated with Diamonds and Pearls in a Glass Case

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Give them an iconic figure, in front of whom people from all walks of life bow their heads. Don’t wait for Ganesh Chaturti to pray to Lalbaugh Cha Raja.


  1. Beautiful Wooden Finish Radha Krishna Idol

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Gift an idol of Krishna and wish your loved ones wisdom. Krishna and Radha together will bring balance to the house as it is a combination of feminism and masculine characteristics of God.


  1. Holy Cow with God images

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Giving more than you take is one of the many things cow symbolizes. This particular piece also has other Gods and Saints painted on it. Wish your loved ones prosperity in the new house.


  1. Pure Brass Set of Two Lamassus, Faravahar, The Holy Fire and Protectors Wall Hangings

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These Zoroastrian symbols set will protect the house of your loved ones from enemies, show the purpose of life, and the Holy Fire will help in keeping the purity in the house and in their lives.


  1. Mother Mary Brown Idol

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Mother Mary will help them in the processes of salvation and redemption. Shadow of a Mother on the house is the best thing you can give, that’ll bless their house.


  1. Madina Sharif Embroidered Wall Cloth

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If you have a friend who loves to decorate the walls, this is one of the best gifts you can get for them. Made with cotton and wool, this Madina Shariff Wall Cloth will make the wall look beautiful and divine at the same time.


  1. Stone Effect Buddha Waterfall

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The soothing sound of the waterfall is music to ears and will instantly relax the surrounding environment of the house. Amidst the chaos of the city this waterfall will remind them of the nature.


  1. Contemporary Ganesha Mini Painting

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They say never keep a wall plain, always have paintings or other artifacts hanging, as it encourages the brain to think. Said that what can be better than this contemporary Ganesha painting.


  1. Hand-painted Divine Maa Wall Clock

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Good time? Bad time? Give this clock and Maa Durga will surely give hope and the new plain wall the colorful edge it needs.


  1. Laughing Buddha set of White Idols

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With the new house you start a new life for that people always need good luck. And Laughing Buddha can only be gifted and never brought for oneself.


  1. Elegant Pearl Work Hand Made Rangoli

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Decoration of the house is given so much importance now a days. Make sure the entrance of the house is also beautiful to look at.


  1. Marble Decorated Pooja Thaali

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The most versatile of all is the pooja thaali. Any festival and the first thing you keep ready is the pooja thaali. Let it be Raksha Bandhan, Diwali or Ganesh Chaturti, so every time they use it they’ll remember you.


  1. Traditional Jali Painting Ganesha

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You can never go wrong with Ganeshji in any shape or form. Ganeshji is everyone’s favorite and adored by all age groups. Also is a great show piece because if the colors and intricate carving.


  1. Elegant Balaji Face Golden Sheet Artwork Frame

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Pray to this incarnation of lord Vishnu and give the new house a regal and rich look with this gold frame.


Gift something that you would like to receive. These gifting options will most definitely add artistic touch to the house, giving it an arty, decorative and festive feel.

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